Search engine optimzation

I am not a search engine optimizer nor a digital marketing specialist.
Try digital scientists here in Atlanta. The real stuff requires research and business decisions.

I do the SEO fundaments for your site, the "blocking and tackling" of SEO.

  1. Decide how folks will find your site.
    Your sign, your ads, your business card, your email, and your networking will generate most of your web traffic in the beginning.  
  2. Include words that help search engines learn what's on your site.
    If you sell antler chandeliers, we'll put "antler chandeliers" in your site.
  3. Avoid things that can get you blacklisted.
    It's not nice the fool the search engines.
  4. Install tracking code on your site.
    You'll learn about your visitors: how they got there, what they looked at, and how long they stayed.

Millions of websites make your site feel small.