Vacation rentals

I've done a bunch by-owner vacation rental sites. These site help the owners make money.

Amazing Disney Homes
Frank Monteleone rents 5 properties. Each property has it own page, slide show and testimonials. There are plenty of other pages that help his clients enjoy their vacation and to know what to expect when they get there.

Amazing Disney Homes by-owner vacation rentals

Flamingo Retreat at Cape San Blas, Florida 
The flamingo images were a bargain from

Flamingo Retreat Vacation Rental at Cape San Blas, Florida

Beach Mountain Home for Sale, North Carolina
Not a rental right now but a great vacation home, or home-home.

Beach Mountain Home for Sale, North Carolina

Beaches By Michelle is retired now but they were nice?
This a gateway page for 2 Florida vacation rentals: Sea Breeze and  Sea Grass. I did those sites as well but I just love this gateway page.

Beaches By Michelle vacation rentals St. George and Cape San Blas Florida

The Flowers' Okaloosa Island Getaway - Azure "Unit #210"
A great condo at Ft. Walton Beach. This is one of 2 condo websites I do for the Flowers. The other is for their Island Princess #619 which has even prettier colors. I'm particularly proud of this page - we used the floor plan and text to present the layout and amenities visually:

The Flowers' Okaloosa Island Getaway - Azure "Unit #210" vacation rental