Websites the old fashioned way

The web has changed the world but not the people.

  1. I'll give you value for your money and time.
    If I can't. I won't take the job.
  2. If something is wrong, I'll fix it.
    Just let me know.
  3. We'll enjoy the process.
    It's quite exciting to get "on the web."
  4. You'll learn about websites.
    I'll teach you as we go.
  5. I'll learn about your business.
    I need to understand your requirements. It's a wonderful part of my profession.
  6. I'll coach, cheerlead, tutor, cajole, encourage, even badger you if I must.
    We'll brainstorm, change our minds, have new ideas, and use common sense.
  7. We'll give your clients what they want.
    Making surfers happy saves everybody time and builds trust.

Atlanta has chickens!